Technical Papers

The Pressure Grout Company’s engineers and executives have participated in international conferences and symposia around the globe. They have lead with cutting-edge research and development in the field of soil engineering.

  • Compaction Grouting From Practice to Theory. Dr. H.R. ‘Al’ Alalusi. Presented at The Geo Institute/ASCE Conference in Logan, Utah. 1997.
  • Abatement of Soil Liquefaction Under Existing Structures. Dr. H.R. ‘Al’ Alalusi. Presented at Second International Conference on Ground Improvement Geosystems. Tokyo, Japan. 1996.
  • Soil Improvement to Mitigate Settlements Under Existing Structures. Dr. H.R. ‘Al’ Alalusi. Presented at Settlements ‘94/ASCE. College Station, Texas. 1994.
  • Lense Grouting in Geotechnical Engineering. Dr. H.R. ‘Al’ Alalusi. Presented at the Eleventh African Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. Cairo, Egypt. December 11-15, 1995.
  • Lense Grouting with Fiber Admixture to Reinforce Soil. Steve C. Chandler. Presented at Grouting Committee of the Geo-Institute/ASCE in conjunction with the Geo-Logan ’97 Conference. Logan, Utah. July 16-18, 1987.

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